Web Data Extraction Can Help in New Product Launch

Launching a new product is a complex and demanding endeavor. A lot of effort, time and funds go in making a new product and the same amount of energy goes into product launch groundwork. Web data extraction can assist in making a new product launch fruitful by collecting publicly accessible information from the web that can assist in shaping and empowering launch strategies.

Here are 3 ways using which data extraction tools can enhance a product launch

1. Monitoring the Market Scenarios

Market conditions and accurate timing do have a massive impact on the overall success of a new product launch, so gathering data related to your business domain, industry, competitors and market leaders can be extremely beneficial for a product launch grounding.

Data intelligence and web data extraction software tools can assist monitor your business and industry by gathering and analysing insights, news and updates from the different web sources, enabling you to make healthier decisions about when to launch a product.

If we take a scenario wherein,numerous competitors have just launched products analogous to your own, then it would be better in entering that market on that time. With a healthier understanding of the competition, you may be able to re-launch the same campaign with new USPs highlighting that your product is dissimilar or meets requirements the other competitor’s products don’t.

Launching a product at the precise market price is a critical element to an effective launch, but it can be complicated to fix the accurate price. Pricing a newer product too higher can jolt off the target audiences and the customers.By reducing the product pricing quickly after the launch can upset the product’s overall response as well as the reputation. It also does not make any sense loosing good business by pricing your product low.

Automated data extraction software’s can be set up to track and monitor explicit distribution sites for having pricing intelligence for competing or similar products. That data can give you an improved intelligence of where to price your product so that it will be viable and profitable.

2. What Do Your Customers Need?

Since the objective of launching a product is to entice new customers, it’s upright to know what they need and value. Although intensive groups and market surveys can be supportive, majority of customers are now sharing their opinions and views on social media platforms and different review websites. The trick is accumulating all that information from different sources.

Web data extraction software’s can be set up to hunt for certain keywords or precise phrases on explicit review, forums and feedback websites. This can fetch in valued information about what clienteles need and how they sense about the competitors’ products. Identifying what customers are searching for can assist product launch preparations to track needed features as well as functionalities that are key or discourseinadequacies of alike products.

3. Procuring Indirect Marketing Assistance

Customers will always be somewhat sceptical of product marketing teams. As, it’s their profession to talk only about the positives of their products and they are paid to do the same. Attaining endorsements from industry influencers, helps spread the word about your newer product, in a more reliable and responsible way.

Using web data extraction solutions to search for subjects connected to your product and industry on member listing web portals, associations or analyst influenced sources which can take you right to your influencers with the know how to become voiceof your product and the listeners that have the full confidence on their opinions.

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Smartly Extract Competitor Product Prices from Amazon and eBay

Extract Competitor Product Prices: As a seller on Amazon and eBay it’s critical to track how your competitors are pricing all their products. Steadily collecting and analysing the pricing data from Amazon, eBay or your other competitor ecommerce websites can assist you fine-tune your prices and pick up the products which are really in demand.

Web data extraction is one of the technology methodologies that will assist you with product and pricing intelligence. If you are using manual copy and pasting the product details from your competitors or market leader eCommerce websites, web data extraction will help you save time and efforts. You can extract a list of required products with their pricing from multiple webpages into a required file format swiftly with a web extraction software solution.

A Web Data Extraction Software and Pricing Intelligence Solution Can Assist you with 

#1. Getting prices for competing products from Amazon and eBay, to price your online products with full confidence

#2. Analyse which products are in current demand, have best bids or else are out of the stock

#3. Monitor the finest and poorest reviews for products to decide your product categories

#4. Have product and pricing information to stay on top of older and newer product sellers

#5. Reduce efforts as well as time consumed in manually copying product and pricing data

DataCrops is a web data extraction, product intelligence and pricing data intelligence platform which captures business, product and pricing data from required websites. With pricing intelligence software, you get the suppleness to pick which product and pricing data you want to extract from Amazon, eBay or other Ecommerce web portals.

You can also use DataCrops to automate manual tasks, which includes searching competitor products and strategically work out on price differences. You can get products by using this software through a list of keywords.

Competitive Product and Pricing Intelligence Process


DataCrops Pricing Intelligence Software Enables

A) Product Intelligence:Augment product mix with competitive product analysis to market, promote and sell them at best profit margins. Pick up which product and category is giving you improved results to control product assortment decisions and further monitor how these activities impact your business revenues.

B) Pricing Intelligence:Monitor, compare and analyse pricing insights from market leaders and other competitor websites to improve revenues.

C) Dynamic Pricing Intelligence: Extract frequent price adjustments in near real-time for improving product sales with better price difference.

D) Repricing Intelligence: Extract, Transform and Load pricing data from competitive web portals and reprice it directly on your site.

DataCrops Competitive Analytical Reports

#1. Product, Service and Channel-wise Reports

#2. Business, Competitors and Dynamic Pricing Reports

#3. Pricing Analysis, Market and Region-wise Reports

Key Takeaways

DataCrops product and pricing intelligence software solution can fetch your competitor’s product details and pricing information, along with transforming it into your needed file format along with loading it on your online portal.

All these can be done with automation without much role played by your employees or support staff, you just need to check it once in the day.

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