DataCrops delivers Automated Price Comparison Solution to London based Travel Company

AHMEDABAD, March 22, 2017: DataCrops a leading company with a scalable data intelligence software platform, announced the successful delivery of a scalable, robust and an automated competitive price comparison solution to a London based online travel company.

The London based travel company was manually fetching data from its competitor sites which incurred more efforts and costs. The existing approaches took more time for data delivery and validation. It further took much time for data analysis and report generation.

These problems led the client to look for data automation tools in the market. The client explored many services and products. Ready-made price monitoring tools were not able to meet the expectations of the client. Other vendors were not ready to fully assist on client’s customization requirements.

The company approached DataCrops for solution. DataCrops worked closely and developed a flexible and powerful competitive price monitoring solution to track, compare, and analyze competitive pricing data continuously with automation.

The pricing intelligence tool is delivering 95% accuracy in web data extraction. The performance of the tool is remarkable which reduces the time, efforts and resource costs of the client.

About Client

The company is a specialist retailer of tours, experiences and attraction tickets with offices in London, Palma de Mallorca and Gurgaon.

About DataCrops

DataCrops is a product of Aruhat Technologies which is an India based software company, incorporated in the year 2004 in Ahmedabad, with a vision of offering technology for continuous business improvements and innovations backed by core competence’.

DataCrops platform is a scalable software that intelligently extracts information from multiple websites and complex data sources using a robust self-enhanced technology. It extracts data, transform and load it, ensuring the delivery of right information at right time and in right format.

For tracking travel deals, packages, promotions and special offers of competitors, you can explore DataCrops Travel Intelligence Solutions. The company has delivered data intelligence solutions to over 1000+ companies throughout the world with their technical and strategic expertise. They have done business in 70+ countries and have implemented and deployed 3400+ client projects.

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Five Tips to Advance Your Web Data Extraction Solution

In today’s technological and cutting-edge competitive business world, binding good data extraction is an essential tool for survival. While several extraction options exist in the market, the variance as a solution what they offer and what they deliver at the end of the day differs quite significantly. While opting to different methods, this often results in attaining dissimilar outcomes.

In other words, not all web data extraction solutions and services are created likewise. Specially, when you initiate to consider the requirement to not just collect massive information, but to also understand, analyze, apply that insights in your business the excellence of data extraction becomes a critical element.

Here are five tips to assist your advance your web data extraction

1. Make the Process Fully Automated

When you get, your data extracted, its format is the key. Make sure you choose a data extraction software vendor that provides control over data scheduling capabilities, allowing you to fetch content based on the data criticality. Also, the software should maintain a stable flow into downstream systems, supporting multiple delivery formats, which should include HTML, XML, CSV, Email, XLS and others as per the requirements.

The web data extraction solution that you select should make every single point along your data fetching and transforming chain completely automated. The data transfer also should follow automation to make it flow continuously through the systems and ultimately fit your requirements.

2. Make the Process Dynamic

More than 65 percent of the websites create dynamic content, and extracting it through out-of-date software’s means is almost dreadful. Some data extraction software’s completely fail to locate the required dynamic content. With a web extraction software that utilizes machine-learning, extraction can be powered for different dynamic websites even as the sites keep altering.

3. Make the Solution Scalable

No matter what your extraction requirements are currently, there are full chances that they will change over the time from now. Select a scalable software solution or service so when your data extraction requirements upsurge or complicate, your data extraction software can adapt with the same.

4. Change Detection

Web content continuously change and remains constantly in flux. Whether you are tracking your competitor’s pricing data or you are trying to monitor some web information, you require to know when that flux happens. Through built-in change detection, your data on no occasion becomes out-of-date.

5. Easy and Swift Delivery

Data becomes valuable once it is actionable. If your current web data extraction solution or service does not deliver data to you in your chosen format, taking timely action becomes very congested.

Always select an extraction software that supports the delivery of your data by getting easily fitted in your downstream systems requirements. So, make sure that your extraction solution delivers the results to you in an easy to use way.


Now, the question is not whether or not you require a web data extraction solution. The prime question is, which one would fit for your needs. Advanced your data extraction by selecting a solution or vendor that uses these five tips, for your business success.

To find out more about DataCrops automated web data extraction solutions and content aggregation, and how you can benefit from it to grow your business, request a free consultation today with one of our experts.

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