How to Efficiently Track Your Competitors Online Pricing Strategies?

Online Pricing Strategies and Tactics

As with any multifaceted strategy, there are quite a few ways that competitor monitoring can be put into action, each with their own strong points. There are two prime methods of tracking your competitors, one is manual and the other is automated. Tracking implemented by automated competitor price monitoring software is further categorized into self-service tracking and full-service tracking.

1. Manual Competitor Tracking

Manual tracking is generally utilized by start-up retailers which is actually useful than fully ignoring the competition tracking activities; however this creates some potential issues.

The foremost issue is the quantity of your time that manual tracking will take up. Start-up retailers usually have limited human and financial resources, and also with the operational demands of running an organization, there is no much time and capacity to engage with such tracking activities to turn effective.

Aside from the time commitment of gathering initial knowledge, the task of correlating it all manually introduces yet one more level of potential human error, wherever one thing as straightforward as a transposition error might hide a probably important sales opportunity or produce an incorrectly positive impression of the state of the market. Even combining manual tracking with a number of the general tools offered to bargain-hunting customers might still prove an inefficient technique.

The problems of manual tracking area also associated with costs amendment often because of factors like promotional discounts, inventory changes, new product releases and also the worth tracking activities of different retailers. The time investment needed to manage all of this is often a systematically significant drain on resources, and it leads to key opportunities going untouched.

Why automated tracking?

Automated competitor tracking overcomes the majority of the problems created by manual competitor tracking. By taking advantage of technologies developed specifically for competitor tracking, any price monitoring software will quickly correlate a whole lot, thousands and several merchandise, costs and promotions across the whole business whereas at the same time keeping tabs on product price fluctuations. The benefits of a comprehensive competitive tracking tool really become apparent.

Many retailers even today are using the retail pricing intelligence software solutions for competitor knowledge gathered to identify trends and patterns mechanically given as graphs and charts. This allows advanced knowledge and information sets to be simply understood, leading to more clarity in future trends expected with high level of business intelligence accuracy.

2. Self-Service automated competitor tracking

Self-service tracking may be a great way to explore and competitive monitoring strategies can be enforced with keeping price outlays at a minimum. For small businesses with restricted resources or in retail sectors wherever there is not a complex deal of market fluctuations, typically this approach offers the simplest ROI.

However, the self-service technique will have many problems that limit the effectiveness of the tracking. The most important issue is the amount of time investment needed so as to manage the tracking competences, as each product has to be tracked with all the required information. A small change within the competitor’s website configuration will fully block the software system, which will result in incorrect conclusions.

3. Full-Service automated competitor tracking

Full service tracking is the most thorough competitor tracking solution being offered, combining all the benefits of automated tracking with data analytics which can smartly highlight potential opportunities. Full-service tracking empowers businesses to use the analytical information and intelligence to win clients or consumers successfully. It is even more scalable and can reach out more competitor sites.

The only disadvantage to full-service tracking is that it can go outside the budget of smaller retailers. But doesn’t worry DataCrops offers cost effective full-service web data extraction and competitor pricing intelligence solutions to efficiently track your competitor’s online pricing strategies.


DataCrops provides a full suite of intelligent tools designed to track major intelligence components that a comprehensive competitor tracking strategy has to offer. It tracks product information, pricing intelligence, business promotions, client reviews and media mentions. It also tracks competitors even when their website configuration is changed.

Don’t waste valuable time on tasks that DataCrops technology and its dedicated support teams will handle with ease.

Don’t simply take our word for it, request an online demo and see it in action for yourself.

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20 Ways Retailers can beat Competition with Retail Pricing Intelligence

Need of Competitive Intelligence Tools for Retailers

As retailers are always keen to position themselves in the competitive marketplace, strategies that didn’t existed in the recent time are at the top today. These retail pricing intelligence strategies have to be connected with customers, product, assortment, sales, marketing, social media and retail distribution channels.

Once a retail product pricing strategy is built-up, things like price competition, profits or discounts revolve around the product marketing plan. In such a scenario a retail competitive pricing intelligence solution acts like a powerful tool to increase retail pricing influence despite of retailer size and nature of business.

What are the present competitive pricing challenges?

(1) To set and uphold customary product prices

(2) Have dynamic retail price optimization

(3) To intelligently maintain promotions, discounts and markdowns

(4) To forecast the impact of planned strategies

(5) To evaluate the effects of the strategies being applied

(6) Have consistent price planning structure and maintain its applications

(7) Have steady and periodic product price optimizations

(8) Plan online promotions and their forecasting

(9) Have competitive product pricing

(10) Manage End-to-end price lifecycle process

(11) Have consistent markdown optimization

(12) Work on rules based retail pricing engine

(13) Consider inventory accessibility as a price driver

Here’s how retailers should envision the advancement of their pricing intelligence usage by using competitive intelligence tools for retailers:

(14) Build up increasingly refined pricing capabilities with time

(15) Use enhanced integration technology software tools

(16) Have a defined business process analysis for pricing structure improvements

(17) Better training of employees to use Price Intelligence Tools

(18) Conduct workshops for employees to enhance pricing skill-sets with time

(19) Customize the price monitoring solution for your ecommerce business with time

Eventually, the significant objective for online retailers is:

(20) To reach their strategic and tactical goals by improving the required gross margin percentage while still rising to the top line and creating brand image

When it comes to using pricing intelligence technology to manage prices in real-time, there is still a lot more work that retailers have to do.

DataCrops Competitive Pricing Intelligence Solution

DataCrops is powerful technology platform that can really assist online retailers with its competitive retail pricing intelligence solution to make their retail business transformation. However, the future will not be entirely successful by just having these solutions but will depend on how frequently retailers use these solutions effectively in their day to day operations.

Get an enhanced view on your business results by having a quick consultation / demo to ascertain how the price monitoring tool of DataCrops can be of assistance to increase your retail business sales and improve marketing efforts from today onwards.

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DataCrops delivers Automated Web Data Extraction Solution to a Channel Intelligence Software Company

Automated Web Data Extraction Solution 

AHMEDABAD, July 06, 2017: DataCrops a leading company with a competitive data intelligence software platform, announced the successful delivery of an automated web data extraction solution with advanced and faster data fetching frequency from multiple websites. The solution delivered to the client is a channel intelligence company with offices in India, US, UK and China.

Clients Earlier Technology and Business Challenges

The client was extracting the data at their end formerly with limited capacity and frequency. Due to this, they were not able to concentrate on their core business needs. The current extraction required more efforts and costs. The existing approaches would take days for operational data extraction. The slower speed at which the data was extracted and further imported was also a huge issue for the client.

These problems led the client to look for automated and intelligent software in the market which can optimize its company operations. The client explored many products and services. Ready-made tools had partial data extracting volume and frequency, so were not able to meet all the required expectations of the client. Other vendors were not ready to completely support on client’s customization requirements.

Finally the client came in touch with DataCrops which had the needed capabilities to provide solution for all of their customized extraction report requirements.

How DataCrops Assisted and Provided the Solution

DataCrops technical and business teams collaborated with the client to build the solution. The solution started serving the client right from the initial stages. The solution fruitfully brought implementation of a more rapid system that further helped the client extract the reports with vast capacity and frequency. Due to this, they were able to spotlight on their core business activities for more profits.

DataCrops is providing timely technology and customer support services to the client. DataCrops platform even maintains client’s new business needs like numerous extraction reports refreshes and supplementary extraction report attributes as latest project initiatives.

About Client Company

The company is a software development specialist dealing into Channel Intelligence, Data Management, Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting with offices in Bangalore (India), California (US), Berkshire (UK), Texas (US) and Shanghai (China).

About DataCrops

DataCrops is India based Software Solution Company located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a clear vision of providing advanced technology solutions for business innovations and improvements.

DataCrops is robust and scalable platform that automatedly extracts information from several websites and diverse data sources using an advanced self-enhanced technology. It extracts right information at right time and delivers the same in right format.

DataCrops web data extraction software allows companies around the world to make better decisions quicker, transform information into analytics with an enhanced and advanced approach.

DataCrops has successfully delivered web data extraction solutions to more than 1000 client companies with its technically strong and business domain expertise. They have done business in more than 70 countries and have successfully implemented more than 3400 projects.

For more details and information visit at

Top 5 Competitive Intelligence Tools for Retailers

Competitive Intelligence Software


Competitive Intelligence Tools: Are you searching for an easy way to monitor your competitors and make sure your retail business continues to make profits in your industry or marketplace?

Then your search ends as here we have listed top 5 influential competitive intelligence software tools that can assist you track and monitor your competitors’ performance online.

Best Competitive Intelligence Tools for Retailers

1. Competitive Intelligence Services (CIS)

It is an enterprise level data intelligence software tool providing competitive information of your competitors in the marketplace.


It provides competitive intelligence services, which includes competitor profiling, manufacturing cost analysis, business model analysis and competitive forecasting. It offers competitor monitoring services and also measures retailer performance against top earners and assists retailers find areas for growth.

2. DataCrops

DataCrops offers requirement wise competitive intelligence tools for retailers. These tools or solutions intelligently extract information from multiple competitive websites and multifaceted online data sources utilizing a robust and scalable self-enhanced technology. DataCrops competitive solutions fetch required data, transform it and load the same, making sure the delivery of accurate information at precise time and in required format.

DataCrops competitive pricing intelligence solutions offer complete visibility into competitors’ products and pricing data, facilitating intelligence to make profitable pricing and product management decisions.

Online retailers are going forward with pricing intelligence software solutions as they benefit with having product and pricing information from their competitors.

Fetching thousands of products from Ebay, Amazon and other ecommerce sites overcomes the huge burden of tracking competitors by manual methods.

DataCrops Price Comparison Software Solution Enables

a) Product Intelligence: Boost product mix with competitive product analytics and reporting

b) Pricing Intelligence: Track, compare and analyze pricing data and insights from competitor sites to get better profits

c) Dynamic Pricing Intelligence: Fetch competitive price modifications and adjustments in real-time for improving competitive product sales

d) Repricing Intelligence: Fetch, Transform and Load product pricing updates from competitor websites and have its repricing automatedly

Analytical Reports

  • Product, Services and Channel-wise Pricing Reports

  • Competitors Pricing and Product Movement Reports

  • Pricing Analysis, Region and Market-wise Reports

Get in touch to learn more about DataCrops Pricing Monitoring and Tracking Software Solution.

3. MarketTrack

It provides requirement wise software solution with ecommerce price tracking for competitive intelligence. They also offer brand protection services and have MAP monitoring software capabilities for its different client types like advertisers, manufacturers, retailers and brands.

It acquired ChannelIQ, to enhance its solutions.

4. Upstream Commerce

It provides advanced level competitive software solutions. Their pricing plans are dependent on the amount of SKUs its clients need to track. It also depends on the number of competitors you wish to track or monitor.

Upstream Commerce provides a wide-ranging suite of intelligence tools intended specifically for online retailers. They offer real-time competitive monitoring of product and prices.

5. Aqute Intelligence

Aqute assists in delving into your competitor’s business. Along with price monitoring and tracking, you can also do analysis of competitors’ internal structure, their revenues, product and pricing plans.

The company assists in delivering a 360-view of your competitive industry and marketplace, cracking important opportunities for competitive growth.

Contact us and ascertain how the competitor price monitoring software of DataCrops can assist you increase business sales and improve your day to day performance from today onwards.

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